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Vegetarian Society Potluck, First Sunday each Month Unless there is a holiday or another major conflict, in which case times will be announced.

This site no longer has any connection to the Vegetarian Society of East Tennessee.
However, for convenience, their basic schedule is:

Begin at 6 p.m. at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church on Kingston Pike in Knoxville. The evening begins with a program, usually a cooking demonstration. If you are not interested in the program, the actual potluck dinner usually begins at 6:30. Please bring a vegan or vegetarian dish to share. Labeling is helpful (here, but not in life). There will be a small collection of money to help offset the room rental. Cost is $2 for members and $3 for guests.

The Way to Veggie BlissView of TVUUC Entrance going East on Kingston. Going West you'll see the Presbyterian Church Sign (in distance) just before the entrance to the Potluck

Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church, 2931 Kingston Pike, about a mile west of Concorde St.





Knoxville’s Own Vegetarian Earth Mother Linda Capps has generously volunteered to give private vegetarian cooking lessons, with a special emphasis on substituting tofu and wheat gluten for meat, at a time of your convenience. Better act fast before she gets swamped with requests and comes to her senses.


Food Not Bombs  Meets each Wednesday at the Downtown Library (Lawson McGhee) in the Rothrock Coffee Shop to the right of the main doorway to make plans and to prepare for Saturday's Feeding the Homeless (veggie).


Come help Food Not Bombs prepare and distribute a tasty vegetarian meal to the homeless and the unlucky. And one another. Most of this food has been gleaned from merchants who otherwise would have discarded it. Market Square downtown. Saturdays at 2 pm.





November 2012    


Wednesday 14

Vegan Outreach  Many of us consider outreach to be the most important mission of vegans and vegetarians. One of the most energetic groups working toward that end is Vegan Outreach. VO’s Victor Sjodin is a frequent and welcome visitor to Knoxville. Learn about their philosophies and leafletting techniques at an information and training session Wednesday night with VO’s Jon Camp, then give what you’ve learned a workout on Thursday morning.



Thursday 15

9 am to 3 pm

Vegan Leafletting on UT Campus with Jon Camp

Join Jon Camp on Thursday for some constructive vegan advocacy by distributing leaflets to college students. Help out as much as you’re able...1, 3, 6 hours, it's up to you. Jon has personally handed Vegan Outreach leaflets to over 800,000 students across the country since the inception of the Adopt a College program in 2003. Attend his discussion the night before and you'll be prepared to leaflet like a pro!

November 15, 2012 9-3 UT leafleting location University of Tennessee Alumni Memorial Building
1408 Middle Drive, Knoxville, TN


Sunday 18

6:00 pm

Vegetarian Thanksgiving Sunday, November 18  Join with scores of Knoxville area vegetarians in the Veggie social event of the year, the VSET Thanksgiving feast. There will be live music, good fellowship and mouth-watering vegetarian and vegan fare. Sunday, November 18th, at the Knoxville First Seventh Day Adventist Church, 3611 Kingston Pike. Doors open at 5:30 P.M., DINNER at 6 P.M. The cost is $5/person or $13/family.. Please bring a family-sized vegetarian or vegan dish with a serving spoon to feed 6-8 people .

Fund-raising raffle drawing for a great vegetarian prize; $1 donation suggested. Please invite your family and friends and enjoy conversation and compassionate dining. For more info call 865-681-7691 or e-mail VSET president Laura at

They usually could use a little assistance getting this event together. If you can spare an hour or two to help out, please call Laura Broderick at 681-7691 to volunteer before, during or after this festive event.




Sunday 13

6 pm

The Esoteric Trip  Catwoman and The Cockroach offer commentary on vegetarian issues and animal rights, politics in general, Knoxville's most eclectic musical mix, audio drama, poetry, live guests, and as much variety as can fit in three hours.


 December 2013   

Did you know drinking lots of milk can make you more prone to osteoporosis and hip fractures? Not the impression you get from ads and free school pamphlets produced by the dairy industry, but statistics prove it. See the Dr. Macdougal's very interesting discussion of the hazards of milk and why it is not a natural part of our diet. When you think about it, if it were we'd have evolved along side cow herds and we'd have long tubular lips.

This program took place long ago, but you can get the gist of it at several spots on Dr. McDougall’s site. Here’s one link. Will move this note soon.

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July 2013    ~     Happy Independence from Meat Day!


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MeatOut!!! Market Square, One Day Soon, I hope

Knoxville's annual celebration of the compassionate, healthy and sustainable meet-free lifestyle has been put on hold due to new insurance requirements. This was one of Knoxville’s most successful veggie events, and we remain hopeful we can find a way to bring it back.

We want to have craft vendors, food for sale and info booths. Please contact ____________ for more details about hosting a booth when that day arrives (OR, about putting up the money for the insurance    :o) .

We will need lots of help with planning the event, coordinating booths, advertising, and hosting our own VSET booth. Please call ________ to join the MeatOut planning committee to or to volunteer to work at the event once it is reestablished. 


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Wednesday 25

All Day

Cindy McDaniel's Birthday!  Although she remains younger than springtime, Cindy McDaniel does celebrate the occasional birthday. Thanks, Cindy, for all your contributions to vegetarianism in the Knoxville area and for speaking out in behalf of animals in need. And for acting as well as speaking. You are proof that sometimes beauty is more than skin deep.


I hope to add a new, easier to edit calendar feature shortlty, just as soon as I figure out how. Meanwhile, if you know of events, share them with us; I can't post what I don't know about.